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Part I: Flying the A6M5Nothing could match the power, speed, range or handling of the Japanese A6M5 Zero fighter at the start of World War II. Roaring Glory Warbirds proudly presents its first international classic aircraft, featuring the only authentic flyable Zero remaining in the world today! Hear the amazing 1,130 hp Sakae 14-cylinder, two-row radial engine in Dolby Digital Surround sound, as you take off with warbird pilot and unlimited air racer Steve Hinton. It's an experience in flight you'll never forget.Part II: The Young PilotsWhat was it like to be a fighter pilot for the Japanese Navy? In many ways, it was not unlike the experiences of young pilots of any other country. Pilots shared a common bond as agile warriors whose battlefield was the blue sky over the Pacific Islands. The true story of ace fighter pilot Capt. Masajiro "Mike" Kawato is unique though, because he is the one who shot down Marine ace "Pappy" Boyington's F4U Corsair! Many years later, Mike and Pappy became best friends - as fellow US citizens!
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